• Health & Wellness Corner

    January 11, 2016
    Why Wellbeing is Mission Critical

     By Dr. Fik Isaac


    Helping each person bring out the best in him or herself is at the heart of wellbeing. Across the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies we want employees to be engaged, enthusiastic about their work, and more connected to their deeper purpose. And we take pride in creating a supportive environment to help us sustain this.


    I recently presented at the Wellness Summit in Mexico City. It was great to be part of this gathering of leaders and visionaries to help shape the future of the global wellness industries.  More than 500 delegates were immersed in eye-opening new concepts from ingestible, health-tracking nanotechnology that makes wearables seem so “last year” to new medical research that demonstrates the powerful link between the brain and skin.  It was energizing to engage with some of the best and the brightest, and discuss what it takes for organizations to embrace wellness as we have done so well at J&J.      


    Dr. Fik


    I shared the main stage with Dr. Ken Pelletier (Universities of California, San Francisco and Arizona) and spoke about how Our Credo guides us in delivering health solutions, not just to our customers, consumers, and patients, but also to our employees and their families.  Simply put, I explained that at the heart of enhancing wellbeing is our company that cares.  Coupled with that, it’s my vision for each of us to make a difference by changing our perspectives on health.  We can be too singularly focused about specifics such as total cholesterol or ideal body weight, while losing the big picture on what matters for the long term.  This means changing the dialogue from traditional ways we think about health to a more personalized, holistic definition of wellness.


    Dr Fik with Deepak Chopra

    I envision our company to create a ripple effect from what we do as a responsible employer by spreading what we’ve learned and applying it beyond the workforce so we have a bigger impact on families and communities.  We need to make wellness infectious – continuing to influence policy makers, advocate for wellbeing, and convene opportunities to showcase best practices that address the world’s most pressing issues.  For example, we implemented our tobacco free workplace policy in 2007.  It wasn’t just about institutionalizing the policy; it was about offering employees and their families, non-judgmental ways to help them stop smoking for good. Today we’re sharing our learnings with government leaders in countries such as China, and Japan, and together contributing to an emerging gold standard for tobacco-free workplaces worldwide.


    As we head into the New Year, let’s take time to reflect on and renew the vision to make health and wellbeing mission critical for us all.